Cubing at Home New Zealand is an unofficial online competition, organised by Speedcubing New Zealand. While we are primarily catering to the NZ community, cubers from any country are more than welcome to join!

The competition will take place on the 19th of April 2020, and will feature 10 events. Registrations close 17th of April 2020 at 11:59 PM NZST.

Join the official Cubing at Home New Zealand Discord server to stay up to date with all the latest announcements, and hang out with other competitors!

Competition Instructions

  • You can find the schedule on the schedule tab, or you can follow the competition live on the livestream on Twitch or YouTube.
  • Once a round opens, the scrambles will be available on the compete tab. Scramble your cube using the provided scramble sequence.
  • Complete each of your solves, and enter in the times (and any penalties). We recommend using a stackmat timer if you have one. If not, you can use an online timer such as csTimer or an app.
  • Make sure to follow the WCA regulations as closely as possible. Please note: This includes 15 seconds of inspection. If you don’t have someone to time inspection for you, you can use an online tool such like this one.
  • Rounds will run for between 20-30 minutes, although finals will be longer. Don’t discuss scrambles until the round is over. If you are found doing so, you will be disqualified from the competition.
  • You will be able to find live results on the results tab.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!

Requirements for finals or podiums

  • In order to be eligible to make finals or podium in any event, we will require a video of your solves. This must start before you see the scrambles, and include you scrambling and solving each attempt, then submitting your times. There must be no cuts or other edits. We will contact you to get this video if you qualify for any finals or podiums.
  • We will be holding head-to-head finals for 3x3 Blindfolded, Skewb, Pyraminx, 3x3 One-Handed, 2x2, and 3x3. These will be shown on the livestream. In order to compete in any of these rounds, you must agree to appear on the livestream. If you qualify for any of these rounds but do not want to be shown on the livestream, please contact us so we can allow another competitor to compete instead.