Frequently Asked Questions

Is this competition official? Will the results go up on the WCA?

Cubing at Home NZ is an unofficial competition, so the results will not be recognised by the WCA.

If this competition isn’t official, does that mean I don’t have to follow the WCA regulations?

While it isn’t official, we still aim to have competitors competing under equal conditions, so we request that you follow the WCA regulations as closely as possible. This includes timing inspection, not listening to music while solving, and counting +2 penalties.

Do I have to use a stackmat? How am I supposed to time my inspection without a judge?

We strongly recommend you use a stackmat timer to time solves, but we understand that not everyone owns one. There are a variety of online timers or apps that you can use as an alternative, such as csTimer. Many of these timers have built-in inspection features that you can use, or you can use this inspection tool.

How will you ensure that competitors aren’t cheating?

We will require all competitors who qualify for final rounds (or who place in the top 3, for events without finals) to submit a video of their solves, which we will review. Competitors who fail to submit this, or who are found to be breaking the regulations, will not be eligible to podium or make finals. Additionally, we will be reviewing all results when they are submitted. If your times are significantly faster than your official results, we may ask for a video of your solves.

Should I film my solves?

On the schedule tab you can see how many people make finals for each event. If you think you may make finals, then we encourage you to film your solves. Also, if you think you’re likely to get times significantly faster than your personal records, we would again recommend filming your solves. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Where do I submit videos of my solves?

If we require a video from you, one of our team will contact you. We will expect a prompt response, so we encourage competitors to join the Cubing at Home NZ Discord server and check your emails regularly.

Am I registered for everything? How do I choose which events I’m registered for?

You are registered for everything by default. If you don’t want to compete in an event, simply don’t submit results for it!

Where do I submit my results?

Once the competition is live, you’ll be able to submit your results through the Compete tab on this website.

Where do I see results?

Live results will be shown on the Results tab.